All The World’s a Stage and I’m a Poet

Photo: Good morning folks. Here is the cover for Threads, which will be released tomorrow on Amazon. For all sales of this anthology, we shall be donating 50% of the proceeds to Shelter (Reg Charity No. 263710), and the cost of this collection of 42 poems will be £4.99 for the paperback and £1.99 for the ebook on Kindle. Stay tuned for the links tomorrow to where you can purchase a copy.

Today heralds another release from the epic Dagda Publishing which as mentioned in a previous post has just released the wonderful Tuned to a Dead Channelan anthology of dystopian creativity and wonder which is a must read for any true literary enthusiast. This next release is an anthology of a different kind. Held within are forty two examples of poetic genius ranging from the epic to the mythological and each one a celebration of rhythm and meter. Much like Tuned I can recommend this as a great read, one you will not be disappointed in.

There is a difference with this anthology however. Within it’s bindings I have managed to get some of my own work published. This is a great honour, one which I hope will not disappoint readers and one which has spurred me to continue to try and get more of my work published. Poetry for me is not a regular occurrence within my writing, it is usually when something moves me. I have written poems about ex friends, mythology and I’m sure I will be hit with the poetry bug when I look into my little girls eyes for the first time (roll on January.) This post however is not for me to ‘toot my own horn’ as it were but to let readers know of the sheer genius of my fellow poets and of a book that is a must have for everyone.

I believe one of the most admirable aspects of this release however is that for every copy that is bought, fifty percent of the proceeds goes to the charity known as Sheltera wonderful charity that works to house the homeless. Not only is great literary creativity spread to the World but a wonderful cause gets the support it so desperately needs. I urge all readers to buy this book from this truly great publisher as you will not be disappointed in the slightest; and as always, my review of the book is to follow 🙂 Thank you 🙂


A Little More of Me

It came to me recently that I have been talking your ears off for over a year now without saying anything about myself. Now you’ll have to forgive me on that, once I start to talk about anything literary I tend to get a bit carried away 🙂 I have now created an ‘About Me’ page to say a little about myself, my background and where I am right now. I fully intend to update it in the future as and when things change and hopefully add to it some details of all I get published 🙂 Enjoy 🙂

Dedication, Skill… and a Bloody Boat Load of Excellent Creativity

Tuned To A Dead Channel - Out 20th September!

On average, I tend to use this page not only to talk of my own attempts at creativity but celebrate that aspect in others also. I find creativity in all forms fascinating and love to share that with any I can. This time it comes in the form of a newly released anthology of short stories. Tuned to a Dead Channel is the new collection of short stories from the epic Dagda Publishing, a relatively new publishers that already has an impressive portfolio of work behind them. This includes both Tuned to a Dead Channel and the soon to be published Threads, an anthology of poetry.

Now anyone who has read a good number of my posts before will know about my friend Jex. Known publicly as the author J Collyer, she has been both a wonderful friend to me and one of my main inspirations for my own creativity. When attempting to write of a strong female character in a fantasy World (as I usually attempt to do 🙂 ) it’s good to have an influence in real life also. Jex is an exceptional writer, as can be seen on her own blog, and I can’t wait for her first novel to be published very soon. You can also have a taste of her brilliant creativity in the aforementioned Tuned to a Dead Channel. Her short story, Ash, is a condensed slice of science fiction wonder and a good indication of future writings to come.

However Jex’s story isn’t the only one in there. There are a total of fifteen dystopian future stories for you to sink your teeth into. Each one portrays just as much wonderful creativity as the last and gives many views to any future we could possibly face. I urge anyone to go out and buy this collection as you will not be disappointed in the slightest. I fully plan to review this collection once I can afford to buy it, of which I will post on here, and I am fully aware that I will not be disappointed either.

Oh, and I am still writing outside of my comfort zone and blummin loving it 🙂

Writing Out Of Your Comfort Zone

In writing, creating any sort of World from nothing can be difficult. You have to wait for your Ping Moment and even when it comes you could struggle to find the fire to go on creating. You must be blessed with an idea so imaginative that the characters talk to you, helping you to define the story along the way. Now what do you do when you’re writing out of your comfort zone?

I don’t like to think I am set in my ways but I am a born and bred fantasy writer. Oh I will try to create in the genre of poetry but I will always come back to my fantasy writing. There’s just something about creating a World full of sorcery and excitement that I can’t seem to resist. You have so many options before you; you could create fantasy tinged with reality such as my novel I Cast Magic Into The Darkness, or blatantly seductive fantasy laden with the mythological such as my second concept for a novel Frozen.

Just recently however I decided to see if I am able to branch out on my writing skills and I decided to submit a short story to the wonderful Dagda Publishers for their next anthology of stories. The hurdle for me is that they require the story to be of the science fiction genre. I have nothing against this genre and I find it as stimulating as all the others. My hurdle is that I am not very versed in it. I find it stimulating that it takes just as much creativity as fantasy but with subtle differences. I must swap sorcery for science, magic for technology and bows for pistols. I will not be daunted however. I am excited at the prospect of trying something new and relish the opportunity.

I highly recommend people try the same.

Also if anyone is looking for an inspirational writer to help them with their science fiction skills I recommend a good friend of mine J Collyer. Unlike myself she is very versed in this genre and has the ability to come up with ideas bordering on sensational. Her blog is full of hints and tips that will get your story soaring, just as mine has done.

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