I will be the first to admit that I’m no authority on poetry but I will talk of one if it peaks my interest. I have a wonderful friend that has blessed me with her friendship for a few years now but only recently did I discover her love of poetry. She has very kindly sent a poem to me so I can  show others of her creativeness and her love for the written word. It’s called Sometimes and though it is free verse you can tell from the beginning of her love of poetry. It’s also reminiscent of a poem I jotted down in Uni called Echo:

Sometimes I go quiet,

I have problems of my own,

Things I need to talk about,

But no one to talk too.

Sometimes I go quiet,

I have things that make me worry,

But no one cares enough to ask,

They all just turn their backs.

Sometimes I go quiet,

And won’t talk to you for days,

I’m not ignoring you,

I just have things to think about.

I like the repetition of the first line of each verse. It really makes the protagonist sound like they have something on their mind. It also makes you wonder of the despair the protagonist feels as it seems she has been ignored by all. Good job Marie (Marie Sherman was Evans) and keep writing and experimenting 🙂

What do you think?


Inspiration In All Forms


My time at the moment is taken up with editing my novel. I find it an interesting process and I will admit that things do seem to be coming together. It flows with vivacity and fantastical nature. I just wish I had more to time to do it as an hour here and there stifles me quite a bit.

While editing I find myself thinking back about the different aspects of life which have inspired me to write. I have always been inspired by my wonderful mother; we share the same taste in literature and she has always spurred me to achieve my dreams in life. Another wonderful inspiration is my friend Jex, a fellow writer and again someone who spurs me on to achieve my dreams. It’s great to have someone to bounce ideas off and to experience our writers jaunts to Costa Coffee, or the Yummy Cupcake Company. I’m blessed to know people like these and happy to tell every one of their influence.

A main inspiration of mine I want to concentrate on today is the artist Luis Royo. I actually stumbled onto his work by accident. I was doing the typical student thing of trying to find posters for my Uni room when I found a gorgeous one of an Angel in a ball gown manacled at the neck.


I was entranced by it so took it home. Only after researching it did I realise that it was Luis Royo’s artwork. He puts so much life into his work and you realise that you will begin to fall in love with his art. I have had so many idea’s come to me from just looking at his art that I felt it was worth a blog post at least.

I cannot even begin to describe the effect his work has. Looked at with an indifferent eye you may see only that his work is intense erotica and be put off by this. My suggestion is that you look closer; look at the layers to his pieces, look at the colour he uses and the contrast featured so often in many of his works. I have seen soft pieces from water nymphs to the contrast of beauty and the beast. Every work will get you thinking and inspire you in different ways.

What inspires you to work? Who gives your projects life and meaning?

I intend my next post to be about my novel, I just don’t know what yet. Is there anything you’d like to know about it? 🙂


This one was written for someone who was my friend for years. She was a happy, confident woman who always inspired me to greater things. I miss her.


Tomorrow I would like to see

Rainbows spring forth from your eyes

A smile that tells us what we know, Stars

Cannot compare to



Look up to see white clouds hover

Over mortal life’s eternal grace and

Understand that you and

I are bound through

Shimmers of an

Eternal bond


Can Heaven know your true worth?

Of this there is no doubt.

Where Angels tread is not on high, they

Are here whenever I look at you.

Never have I ever known a bigger part of my heart.

Do You See Me?

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