Frozen Rewritten

Hi 🙂 Well I would like to say great minds think alike as over the weekend I had more concepts for Frozen, the other novel idea I had, much like the continuing creativity of my fellow fantasy writer Jex. This is a rewrite of my original post as I wanted to add what would be percieved as flawed aspects to the character, giving her an almost human nature. I wrote this in my 30 minutes lunch so please forgive me if it is rough around the edges 🙂


The heat from the golden sun burnt its way into her flawless skin. The multi faceted smell of the summer flowers forced its way into her delicate nose. Snow grimaced. She couldn’t understand why her father had called her from her boarder home, or even why he had shown an interest in her at all. She was the unwanted daughter, allowed to do as she willed as she brought shame to her families name. She was used to being ignored and that was the way she liked it, spending her endless days in The Order.

She sighed as she allowed the Ice Silk to fall across the window once more, encompassing her in its cold calmness. The carriage she was in was built specifically for her family to travel to the High Court in the perilous seasons and today it just happened to be summer. Why had her father recalled her once more? She hasn’t even been near court in an age. She actually grimaced at the thought.

“Do not fret so Snowflake,” her father pleaded. He was Frostfall, King of the Winter Fae and she was sure she had never heard him plea before, what was he up to? “This is merely a trip to acquaint ourselves with the other Fae people’s. You know things have been tense between us and we do not want war to break out.”

Snow actually laughed inwardly at that. Let them bring war to her doorstep; with her Nightsilver bow and armour she was nigh on undefeatable. Her father tended not to involve her in court politics as she was the defective child as she had been labeled and he usually took one of his other children.

“Father,” she began tentatively. “You worry beyond measure. I know of the myth where the War of the Fae begins and I think you put too much merit into it. Why did I have to attend?” She knew she was whining but couldn’t help it. She had been happy hunting and defending the borders when she had been called to the court. She was surprised her father had even remembered her existence. Yes she was the Crown Princess but she had been sure her father had been intent on naming one of his several other children as heir. She was the only child by Queen Winter before she had been killed in a riot and that made her sole heir but she was allowed to not like it.

She remembered the exact moment she had received the missive. One of her brothers in The Order, Winterfrost, had found her just having finished defending from an attack by bandits. She enjoyed his description of the scene in front of him as he always used so many colourful phrases, “a tumultuous orgy of blood and gore that paints the forest red,” she always had to laugh. This time however she sensed his move was pensive and he began by reading out the missive,

Dear Snowflake, Crown Princess of the Winter Fae and beloved by the

people. You are neededat the court to undertake a journey of the

utmost importance. The King will be accompanying

you as you travel to the High Court to ensure the realms peace.

Regards, Frostfall, King of the Winter Fae

How dispassionate she had thought. Not a word of comfort or love from her father as was the norm with him. She had debated whether to actually return to the court, claiming ignorance of the missive but she was sure he would just ask the Oracles to scry and see if she had received it. This was why she now sat beside her father traveling through the stifling heat to the High Court more uncomfortable than she had ever been. She currently wore a pure gown of spider’s silk and the jewels as befitting the crown princess f the court. The dress felt alien to her, like it was too heavy and it over encumbered her. She longed for her Nightsilver armour and pure Nightsilver bow. Then she felt invincible, away from the politics and drama of the court. No one could touch her, ignore her or demean her. She had no responsibilities there and it felt wonderful. She brushed a lock of silver hair back behind her ear and winced. Her hair was a sign she was of royal blood; her family were signified by their silver hair, piercing ice blue eyes and blue tinged skin. When away she had sought different ways to hide it and blend in with the green-eyed, black-haired demeanor of her people but had failed miserably. Instead she had woven a tail about the bastard child of the High King unwanted and unneeded and for the most part it had worked.

“You come because you are needed.” That was all her father would say and she felt him sit back and shut her out once more. She knew she should be insulted but she had been shut out most of her life so she was indeed used to it. She sighed once again as she felt the golden sun trying to work its way through the Ice Silk. Her people thrived in the crystal snow and silver moonlight of the frozen realm but the High Court existed in a realm where all seasons were predominant and of course it was now summer. This seemed like a waste of time.

She was about to protest once more when a loud sound sounded and a heavy object hit the side of their carriage. It was followed by a second and a third. Her father tensed and the sound of a sword being drawn resounded through their small compartment. When had he stood up? He was in front of her and she was both touched by the sentiment and annoyed that he thought Snow would run out into the sunlight. She had spent her time defending the border for longer then he had had other children, surely he must know that she wouldn’t give up their strategical position; her iridescent wings twitched in annoyance at the thought.

She had pitch perfect hearing and she could hear the sounds of a frantic battle outside. Who would possibly attack them? They were in the official court carriage and they must know that her father was an accomplished warrior even though they may not know of her own existence. Sword clashed with sword and the was blood curdling war cries from both sides. Snow worried for the men at arms that were traveling with them. They were part of the realm defense but they were not her fathers elite, those that usually accompanied them on important issues. Where were they now and why had he not brought them with him?

Eventually the fighting outside subsided and Snow knew the men must be dead. She weeped silently for them but would grieve later as she was almost certain an attack would come. Suddenly the door to the carriage flew open and she knew her father had been blinded by the sun. She listened in horror as a sword penetrated his ceremonial armour and into his chest. How could that have happened?

Snow reached for the fallen sword and promptly thrust it into the chest of the attacker. She kicked him to the floor and then she did charge outside. How dare they injure her father??? She blocked an attack from the left and promptly kicked out in that direction as much as the dress would let her. She had the satisfying sound of a body falling to the floor as she blocked another attack from the front. She parried this for as long as she was able until she hears a voice claim,

“What’s up with her? Why isn’t she paralysed in the sun like most winter fae?”

“Look at her eyes!” another exclaimed, “they’re pure white, there’s no iris or pupil at all. She’s blind!”

“Grab her quickly then, she’ll pose no real threat.” And with this came a resounding crack to her skull, from what she knew not but she felt herself lifted over a shoulder and the feeling of oblivion starting to take her. She wished she could see her father to know he was alright but wishing did not make it so, as she was well aware…


So what do you think? 🙂


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