Chop, Chop, Editing Block

I have begun the process of editing my novel after taking a little break from it. Once I had finished the storyline I was elated but I felt my mind was a little frayed from the creative overload so I left it for a while. I’m glad I did this as now I can look at it with what I intend to be an objective eye.

Or at least that WAS my intention. Reading through now I can see things that need improving; some continuity based, some descriptive based. My problem begins when cutting or adding to the narrative content itself. I know myself and some other writers have the problem of reading through and just loving everything, awkwardly placed or no. I know this stems from the fact that we wrote it and so we love it, but the essential thing is we need to make sure our stories flow.

My writer friend Jex suggested several tactics to help with editing. She suggested, among others,  reading out loud which is the predominant technique I use myself. Read through the novel and if you stumble in any area then you know it needs work. This still doesn’t help with seperating objectivity with love of your own written word. I am determined however 🙂

Editing is proving to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I look forward to the ultimate outcome.

Do you have any editing techniques you live by?

Thank you.

The Satisfaction of Completion

Words cannot describe the sensation of finishing the story line you have been working years upon. It’s not so much that a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, more that you are that step closer to completing something you have wanted to do so for as long as you can remember. Of course this feeling not only relates to novels but pieces of art, a portfolio, anything.

I have chosen to focus on writing as this is what I find most pleasure and satisfaction in. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love music and take great joy in playing the violin, but there is nothing better than sitting down at your computer and letting the creative energies flow. I can usually see the story unfolding in front of me. I love to take it down and put order to the colourful worlds I imagine. I know several wonderful people who love to do the same and are getting that much closer to the feeling I am now experiencing. I wish them all the luck in the World with it.

Do you know where I am coming from? Have you recently finished something and are just now perfecting it?

I know I still have a lot of work to do; editing, proof reading and maybe padding out, but I am so very happy at the moment that I don’t think anything could top this. My next intention was inspired by my friend Jex and I may put a synopsis of the novel on here but will check it a million times first.

Passion: Underrated or Over Used??

Can you ever have too much passion in your life? We always see it as such a positive emotion to have about your work (and life), be it writing, playing an instrument or anything else. If you have a love for what you do, surely the creative energies will simply flow; but what if too much passion isn’t such a good thing?

I was recently having a conversation about writing with my friend and fellow author Jex (mentioned in the pervious post) and we fell onto the subject of passion. I mentioned that what I admired about her work is she puts so much effort and love of the craft into every piece that you can really see the story unfolding in front of you. She replied that she felt like she waffled too much as the story runs away with her (she has never waffled), much as it has done to many of us.

I can understand her point though. If you find a part of the story you love you tend to run with it and try to get across to the reader your pure pleasure in the writing but you can risk losing the reader should you get too carried away, but it’s so hard to reign in the passion. As writers we need to focus, combining the passion with structure, story and love for everything written and I like to think that Jex, our writer friends, and myself pull this off well without sacrificing anything.

As both a singer and a musician you have no idea how hard it is to say that.

What do you think?

That *Ping* Moment


I’ve been wondering recently where inspiration for writing comes from. It must be different for each person. Does it slowly filter into your subconscious like treacle from a tin, or does it hit you sqaure in the stomach; forcefully, aggressively, until you have your *ping* moment? They both have to be equally effective as creativity can come from anything and create masterpieces.

I think I’m a treacle person. I can have a vague notion for a story; a saying, a type of character, a major incident; and will wait for it to come to me. I tend to nurture inspiration with a notebook, music and incense; something soft to create a relaxing atmosphere where the ideas can flow. Doing this allows my mind to open and then I know I’m writing the best I can, all the while developing the story along the way. I wish I was like my wonderful friend Jex (check out her blog, she is awesome – XD) who had her *ping* moment the other week. An exceptional idea for a story came to her in her dream and though she is currently concentrating on her current novel, I know when she starts on this one it will be great. It goes without saying, each writer works differently and all works cannot be compared in the same light. What one fantasy writer may indulge in, another historical writer may see as uneccesary.

For the novel I’m writing now, the Inspiration came merely from one sentence. I’m writing about the Angel of Death and I got the idea solely from, ‘I am the Angel of Death. The time of purification is at hand.’ From that came multiples characters, so much lore to play with and multiple worlds to develop. It’s been interesting to see where the story line has taken me and how it’s developed my protagonist but I hope Inspiration hits me for the ending. I’m not to far off now and would love it to be action filled and breath taking at the same time. In itself I have been debating whether to post the opening chapters of my novel on here but need some inspirational editing before I do.

How do you find inspiration? How does it develop you and your writing? Please let me know.

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